Hewlett Foundation Programs


The Hewlett Foundation helps people build measurably better lives. Our grantees are working to reduce poverty in the developing world, curb carbon emissions that lead to climate change, and improve education for students in California and elsewhere, among many other valuable goals.

While the goals of the Foundation are about problems that we're trying to solve, our Foundation is organized in such a way that grants are made from particular programs.  We've tried to provide sufficient information about each program's grantmaking to give the visitor a comprehensive understanding of what we fund and why.

Here are the Foundation's five programs and their key goals:

The Education Program makes grants to:

The Environment Program makes grants to:

The Global Development and Population Program makes grants to:

The Performing Arts Program makes grants to organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area to:

  • Ensure continuity and engagement in the arts by creating opportunities for individuals and communities to participate in a wide range of artistic disciplines
  • Give California students equal access to an arts education
  • Provide the necessary infrastructure to help organizations and artists be more effective in their work

The Effective Philanthropy Group makes grants to:


In addition, the Foundation reserves funding each year to support special projects that do not necessarily align with the Foundation's primary strategies.